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Cloud-Based Real Estate


Step 1

Enter your home address and we will verify ownership and platform eligibility

Step 2

Receive home detail welcome email with upload instructions for pictures and details

Step 3

House is listed on our platform and buyers and investors will be instantly alerted


Step 1

Browse homes listed on the platform or sign up for instant alerts to be first in line

Step 2

Click on the home for more details and more pictures of the home

Step 3

Submit your best offer to be sent to the seller or schedule a tour of the home


Step 1

Create your investor portal to enable notifications for certain homes

Step 2

Submit your offer with estimated close date and short introduction details

Step 3

Close the transaction outside the platform and option to provide feedback


We are currently in BETA in Las Vegas, NV and are currently not monetizing the platform. In other words, it’s free for the time being while we build proper validation! 

Anything to do with money goes outside of this platform so you will have to make arrangements to privately pay the agent or you can continue without an agent and meet the other party unrepresented. If your home is listed on the MLS with an agent, your home may not be eligible to be listed on this platform. Refer to your listing agreement because you may have signed an agreement that guarantees payment to the listing agent. The idea of SpeediDeeds is to do everything an agent does by listing a home but you are marketing the home yourself. Don’t worry! We have plenty of free tips and suggestions on marketing your home without an agent!

As soon as your home is approved for the platform (see our eligibilty checklist [here]) your home will be displayed on our buyers platform and also get blasted out to our network of investors. Investors typically lead the way with cash offers right away and you have the option to respond to them or not. Buyers will begin to send requests and you can choose what to do with them after that!

Short answer is we need to re-validate the market so we can take the interest to investors so they can fund for expansion. Since we are only active in Las Vegas, we can control all the data and service provided with small overhead and cheaper server costs. As we grow and our expenses grow, we may move to a monetized model. Right now just sit back and enjoy keeping all that extra money in your pocket while also feeling good of helping a local startup get their product going!

Maybe… If you signed an Exclusive Agency Agreement, you can definitely sell it here without having to pay any commissions if you find a buyer yourself. 

We only provide the technology to get your house listed on our platform. Part of our decision to not use signs came from past experiences with break-ins on vacant homes listed for sale and also due to our cloud-only environment. Photos can either be purchased by a private photographer or simply uploaded from a mobile device with a camera. 

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