New Home Accepting Offers

How It Works

Buyer Screening

This platform works a bit differently than most real estate platforms in which the sellers prefer to only receive offers from real buyers and not be contacted by agents to solicit their services. For the initial BETA, we will not be implementing restricted access like we anticipate in the near future. If you are interested in getting more information about the home, simply request the seller to contact you with details. It’s that simple! No agents needed; this is truly a seller-to-buyer platform that is powered by the users.  

Investor Application

Are you a real estate investor? We welcome you to apply to become one of our investors! Our sellers get to submit their information with an asking price and you can reply with an interest in making an offer. The process protects the sellers information but allows them to test the waters of what the cash prices look like. Regardless if they accept your offer or not, you will still be presented to them to consider at a later time!